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Meet the Team

At Woosters we’re all about the personal touch – great service, in a non-pressured environment, where all we care about is helping you to find that certain something that is going to make you look and feel fabulous.

Given we are all about people, it makes sense that we introduce ourselves, and give you a little insight into what makes us tick. Next time you are in Olney, do pop in and say ‘hello’. We’d love to see you.


With a passion for great clothes and an eye for finding pieces that have that something extra, Suzy started Woosters back in 1996. Her long standing, favourite designer is Brunella, because each item of clothing is a timeless classic that never fails to make you feel fabulous.  Suzy also loves the new scarf designer we have in-store called 100 Stars.

Outside of Woosters, her biggest loves are her family, her ponies and gin!

Kirsty, Hilary & Wendy

Kirsty has been at Woosters for five years.  Her favourite collection is Nice Things because it oozes femininity but doesn’t teeter over into being girly (top tip, the dresses are perfect if you’re on the taller side).  Kirsty shares Suzy’s obsession with scarves, seeing them as “sweets for adults”, and her favourite things are eating chocolate and walking – sometimes at the same time.

Hilary, has worked at Woosters for a year, where she has developed a fondness for the Greek designer, Join. She particularly loves the use of colour and the adaptability of the individual pieces to suit a range of sizes. Hilary’s ‘thing’ is jewellery, she’s passionate about her bracelets and necklaces. Other favourite things are cake and music (definitely in that order!).

Wendy has been at Woosters for 15 years. Her favourite designers are Sahara, Ralston and Brunella, for their beautifully cut shapes and interesting designs. Her weaknesses are necklaces and oversized scarves and wraps, and her big loves are her grandchildren and visiting fabulous gardens.

Debbie & Helen

Debbie has been at Woosters for a year. If you ask her for her favourite designer it will very much depend upon the season. In summer it is all about Hatley, because of their cheerful prints and easy to wear dresses. In the winter months Debbie’s fondness turns to Latte, because of the many fabulous, stylish designs. Debbie is a self-confessed scarf-a-holic (she is in good company), and she also has a soft spot for a well-designed poncho.

Helen has been working in our Olney store for four years. Of all the collections, she finds herself drawn to Latte because of its unfussy silhouettes and beautiful Italian fabrics.  Helen has also declared an unhealthy obsession with cashmere ponchos, and loves her family, her pets and chocolate.


Susie & Sally

Susie has been at Woosters for two years. She is particularly fond of the designer Mama B, because of its unstructured styles and ability to layer the collection.  Susie loves all things pink, as well as travelling and painting flowers.

Sally has worked at Woosters for seven years. The simple designs created by InTown particularly catch her eye, but when Sally is not helping our customers she likes to keep fit… and then reward herself with a lovely glass of red wine. Cheers!

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